International Research Network

French-Australian research network on Conversion and Energy Storage

for stand-alone & maritime applications


The IRN-FACES is a collaborative research network on energy materials and integrated systems composed of eight CNRS French laboratories, accompanied by their supporting universities, and four Australian Universities

The scientific topics of the network focus on electrochemical energy storage (batteries and supercapacitors) and the entire hydrogen energy chain (hydrogen production, storage and conversion). It targets maritime-related applications: ship propulsion and off-grid energy systems adapted to islands, coastal areas and remote isolated regions. The activities of the IRN-FACES started in January 2020.

Our aim

  • Build-up, structure and strengthen collaborative scientific exchanges
  • Share innovation concepts with a global impact
  • Support joint projects with industrial partners

Our activities

  • Organisation of workshops, seminars and training schools
  • Exchange of permanent researchers, professors, doctoral and post-doctoral students
  • Joint publications and participation to international congresses & conferences
  • Implementation of joint projects leading to innovative translation of R&D
  • Showcase of IRN-FACES capability as an innovation driving platform for attracting and supporting international projects
IRN-FACES Group photo Crosic 2019