Flash Call for Collaborative Project Results


We are deligthed to annonce the results of the First Flash Call for collaborative projects. 7 French-Australian collaborations were awarded, 2 relevant to Electrochemical Energy storage (E2S) topics and 5 focus on Hydrogen Energy (H2E).

Supported collaborations are:

  • ICMPE / Flinders University (E2S): Development of New Environmentally Friendly Polymer-Zn Ion Batteries
  • ICMPE / ICMCB / UNSW (E2S): Metallic oxides as positive electrodes for proton batteries based on protic ionic liquid
  • Femto ST / UNSW (H2E): Towards Maximum Efficiency Point Tracking of PEM fuel cell systems
  • Laplace / Deakin University (H2E): Novel protic ionic liquids based electrolytes enabling high temperature PEM fuel cells under non-humidified conditions
  • IMN / ICMCB / UNSW / Flinders University (H2E): Application of oxygen reduction electrocatalysts to the reduction of CO2
  • ICMPE / Flinders University (H2E): Single Atom Photo- and Electrocatalysis for Water Splitting
  • ICMPE / UNSW (H2E): Stability of new AB2-type intermetallics by A-site vacancy formation